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Act or be Acted Upon

We have a choice.  We can either…




Objects are acted upon.  They cannot move without some outside force working on them.

Agents act. They can choose how to act and then choose to act – all without an outside force.

Let\’s make our organizations and employees Agents.

As an organization, are you an Agent? Are you choosing your actions or allowing other people or organizations (like your competitors or market forces) to dictate a reaction?  Is your organization an Agent or an Object?

Blockbuster thought they were Agents until alternatives popped up and turned them into Objects.  Now they no longer exist.  Cabbies in NYC thought they were Agents, until ridesharing turned them into Objects.

Are your employees Agents? Do they choose their actions or are they forced to react to internal policies, bureaucracy, and politics?  Are their unique gifts being tapped into and are they allowed to let them shine, or are they forced into submission? Are your employees Agents or Objects?

The Keynote: Act or be Acted Upon

In this engaging keynote, audience members will be active participants – not just objects which are passively acted upon. They will share in the stories, watch enlightening videos and participate in the keynote themselves as we discuss:

– What is the difference between being an Agent vs. an Object? Acting vs. being acted upon?
– Why companies accidently and unknowingly fall in the trap of becoming Objects and are pushed around by the market and industry
– How companies can look to the future and become Agents, ready to shape their future and take control
– How to grow employees who ACT rather than simply take orders and are acted upon
– The difference between accountability and responsibility and why it\’s so important to implement the difference in a company

This keynote can be given through one of two lenses:

1) Company perspective: How to take control and become Agents, rather than react to outside market/industry forces and become objects.
2) Employee perspective: How to turn your Object Employees into Agent Employees, engage them, and use their unique talents.

The audience will come away with actionable content to take back to their work and home that they can put into practice right away and that will inspire them for months to come.

They will participate in hands-on experiences to come to their own realization that they can become Agents.  They will also be given tools and inspiration they can take back to their workplaces and put into practice right away.  

With that hope, they will go back to work ready to create positive change in their companies.

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