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Keynote – 11 Secrets of the Engaged Employee

You want your employees to be more productive, more innovative, more self-driven, and take initiative – to be totally engaged in their work.

But here is the funny thing: your employees want the same thing.  Yet 70% of your workforce is still disengaged from their work.*  And the longer we let this go, the more damage it does to your company.

If management and the employees all want the same thing, then why do we have such a hard time making it work?


Every organization seems to be struggling with:

  • – Employee engagement;
  • – lack of innovation;
  • – disparity between generations;
  • – technological approaches;
  • – trust deficit;
  • – a disconnect between management and the employees;
  • – apathy;
  • – continuing loss of passion,

and the list goes on and on.

Then why – with all the superior technical and intellectual resources we now have to work – are we still struggling with the same issues?  Have these issues improved over the years? Most of us would have to say no – they have only worsened. How can that be?!


This can only be because of one thing:

We've Been Doing it All Wrong.

If we want to overcome these difficulties the resolution is not to solve the issues, but transcend them.  We can either fight these alligators in the swamp with hand-to-hand combat, or we can decide not to deal with them at all by staying out of the swamp. Using this metaphor, that would mean that we could operate our companies in a completely different way than we do right now.  Is this possible?  Is there another alternative?

There sure is.


The Keynote - 11 Secrets of the Engaged Employee

Your audience will dive into the Employee Engagement problems almost all organizations have.  They will hear stories, watch videos and be participating in the keynote themselves as we discuss

  • – What is employee engagement? (It’s not what you think it is.)
    • – what it looks like when it’s there
    • – what it looks like when it is gone
  • – The 11 secrets of high employee engagement;
  • – How to change the game by playing by different rules;
  • – How to create a workplace that thrives.

They will participate in hands on experiences to come to their own realization that there is a better way to work.  They will also be given tools and inspiration they can take back to their workplaces and put into practice right away.  The stories taken from experiences from top organizations will show them that they are not alone. Most of all, they will walk away with hope.

Hope that they can make a change in their organizations for the better.

Hope that we can once again love our work and have highly engaged employees.

Hope that work won’t drag us down, but will instead lift us and inspire us.

With that hope, they will go back to work ready to create positive change in their companies.

Subtopics may also include:

  • – Enterprise Social Networks (Social Networking for Employee Performance Improvement)
  • – Consumerization of IT
  • – Embracing Failure
  • – Love Your Work – The personal, career side of employee engagement

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