Keynote – Embrace Your Failures


Actually, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it is an option.

In fact, most often, it’s an unavoidable option.

We will fail.  Being human beings it is going to happen.  So most people try to minimize it.  Unfortunately, it often takes a toll on the company culture.  It stifles innovation, slows progression, and halts creativity.


“Wait a minute!  I thought failure stifles innovation, slows progression, and halts creativity.  Now you are saying that to minimize failure – exactly what we have been trying to do – does that?”

Correct – to a degree.  It seems counter-intuitive, but you lack of failure may make things harder on you.  Allowing failure – the right kinds of failure and in the right ways – will help you and your team be more agile and innovative.

If we understand the different types of failure, we can know which kinds to encourage, and which kinds to avoid.success depends upon how we fail.

Our Success Depends Upon
How We Fail

My purpose is to help your audience learn how to fail.

Once we understand the different types of failure, we can unleash hidden potential, creativity will be unlocked, and innovation will explode.

The Keynote: Embrace Your Failures

Your audience will be engaged in this keynote – they will be a participant, not just an audience member.  They will hear stories, watch videos and be participating in the keynote themselves as we discuss

  • – Why failing can lead to success.
  • – The different kinds of failure.
  • – How to encourage the healthy failure.
  • – How to minimize the dangerous failure.
  • – Creating a culture of healthy failure.

They will participate, laugh, and learn valuable lessons they can take back to their workplaces and put into practice right away.  The stories taken from experiences from top organizations will show them that they can allow failure and still succeed.

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