Love Your Work

When we were young we were asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Each time we gave our answer it was with excitement about what work would be like.

Then we grew up.

Somewhere along the way too many people have come to only tolerate their work.  They work each day, living for 5pm, the weekend, or for retirement.  Then they can go home to do what they really care about.

But what if we could rekindle the child-like excitement again?  What if we could truly love our work again?  How much better off will our sense of accomplishment, our companies, and our lives be?



What kind of a life are we leading if we don’t love our work?!  

If we spend 10 hours a day working on something we could care less about, what does that say about us?

How does that affect the company?  

How much more effective could we be for the company if we really enjoyed what we were doing because we understood WHY we were doing it?  

The gains for the company would be HUGE!


It's Time to Love Our Work Again.

My purpose is to help your audience learn how to love their work again.

And not just kind of love their work, but with a passion.  To be one of those employees that can’t wait to get to work each morning.  The kind that will put in extra time and effort because they love what they are doing, not because they will get a plaque.  The kind that comes up with innovative ideas and is bold enough to make a stand, even when it’s not popular, but because it is the right thing to do.

The Keynote: Love Your Work

Your audience will be engagement in this keynote – they will be a participant, not just an audience member.  They will hear stories, watch videos and be participating in the keynote themselves as we discuss

  • – What does it look like when an employee loves their work?
    • – what does it look like when they don’t?! 
  • – The principle of acting or being acted upon
  • – How to Act on your career
  • – Finding your purpose in  your work
  • – Finding the principles you will live by
  • – How to prioritize your work according to your purpose
  • – How to be bold without being overbearing
  • – How to thrive off change

They will participate in hands on experiences to come to their own realization that they can love their work again.  They will also be given tools and inspiration they can take back to their workplaces and put into practice right away.  The stories taken from experiences from top organizations will show them that they are not alone. Most of all, they will walk away with hope.

Hope that they can make a change for the better.

Hope that we can once again love our work and be highly engaged.

Hope that work won’t drag us down, but will instead lift us and inspire us.

With that hope, they will go back to work ready to create positive change in their companies.

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