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Your success is directly influenced by the quality of the questions you ask.

If you ask poor questions, you will get poor results.

Ask transformative questions, and you can transform your life, your company, and those around you.

The Keynote: Transformational Questions

In this engaging keynote, audience members will be active participants – not just objects which are passively acted upon. They will share in the stories, watch enlightening videos and participate in the keynote themselves as we discuss:

– The Power of Transformative questions
– The 5 types of questions and how to recognize them
– Examples of the results of asking transformative questions
– How to ask the kinds of questions that create transformation individually and as an organization


The audience will come away with actionable content to take back to work and put into practice right away. They will participate in hands-on experiences to learn why and how to ask transformational questions. 

What they learn and feel will inspire them for months to come.

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