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The #1  Reason Employee Engagement Isn’t Happening at Your Company and Why No One Knows About It

It isn’t that you aren’t trying hard enough to create engaged employees.  You are certainly doing that!

It’s that you are trying in the wrong areas.  Most of us think we are trying to improve employee engagement, but we don’t realize that what we are doing doesn’t lead to employee engagement at all – but to something different.

Here is exactly why you are getting different results than what you have expected. 

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Podcast by Kevin Jones

9 Reasons Why Employee Surveys Suck Your Soul and How to Reinvent Them

There is a resounding, unanimous cry from employees that the venerable annual survey is a huge disappointment. Year after year after year after… 

You know it. I know it. Let’s call it what it is.


Discovering Your Unique Superpower with Marcia Conner

Working with a purpose, bringing your full self to work, discovering your unique superpower, and being prevented from doing what you can’t not do.  Did you get that?

Marcia Conner brings years of wisdom around how to make a real difference – not only in your company, but also your life and community.

Collaborative vs. Controlling Organizations with Mark Babbitt

Mark Babbitt blames the Millennial generation for stirring up the workplace – and thanks them for it. He discusses what a collaborative workplace acts like, how we hire differently, and why we need to focus more on creating a human workplace than trying to control it. Then, he says, you need to unlearn everything you have learned, and start fresh. Find out why…

Mark is the president of Switch and Shift, the CEO of YouTern and the author of A World Gone Social.

Hack Yourself with Luis Suarez

For you to love your work, you need to hack yourself.  Hack the way you do work, your behaviors, your mindset, and why you do your work.  You need to find your purpose and challenge the status quo.

For us to be successful, these are only some of the things Luis Suarez challenges us to do.  His wisdom is valuable for everyone to hear, to be reminded of, and to heed and act upon.

Luis Suarez is an independant advisor on social business and digital transformation and founder of the No Email movement.  He is also an author of a new book soon to be out.

Have a suggestion of who should be interviewed? Let me know!

Making Work More Human with Simon Terry

The frustrations of bureaucracy, silos, mechanizing work, being disconnected from others – these are some of the things Simon helps cure by making work more human. He works to lift up the capabilities of everyone he works with, by focusing on the creative and collabortive aspect of humans.

Simon is a Change Agent, consultant, and speaker in Innovation, Customer Experience & Design Thinking, Collaboration, Culture & Leadership. Experienced in high growth, start-up and mature businesses, he has managed business strategy, led transformation and run end-to-end operations from customer-facing to operations to technology teams. He has a track record of leading highly engaged teams to deliver business growth & innovation particularly in customer experience and digital business opportunities.

Surrender and Why Employee Engagement is Wrong with Jennifer Frahm

Jennifer, a self-proclaimed Change Ninja, talks about continuous change, why the term “employee engagement” is wrong, and an explanation of the term surrender in the workplace.

Jennifer’s professional experience includes change management, marketing and communication roles within a number of industries / sectors.  Besides consulting and contracting, she runs “Conversations of Change Retreats” and offers Executive coaching for those leading change. She has also published two e-Books – The Transformation Treasure Trove: Series I & II 

Engaging Your Employees Through Learning - An Interview with Bart Schutte

A huge part of being engaged comes in the form of learning. But normally when we think of learning, we think of a training program. And that’s exactly NOT what Bart is talking about. Bart talks about his experience of going from a newbie to an expert in a matter of a few months – enough to lead a worldwide initiative. All because of his passion for learning in new ways. He shares those new ways with us.

After a rich career in management consulting on new technology, Bart is now focused on Organizational Learning, and specifically, how enterprises need to adapt to to create a real culture of learning leveraging public MOOCs, Personal Knowledge Management, and the abundance of knowledge and learning on the Internet. He is forever refining his vision of organizational learning, and sharing it with his peers through conference and corporate presentations.


Tony’s LinkedIn Profile

Employee Engagement in IT - An Interview with Tony Peleska

Most CIOs don’t spend their extra time thinking about employee engagement.  But Tony does.  Why?  Well, in this interview he tells us why it is some important to tell the right story and create the right environment to allow employees to do the right things.

Tony Peleska is a recognized technology leader known for his futuristic strategic vision to achieve business goals. Tony has more than 17 years of business oriented technology experience in the legal, banking and financial service industries. He currently serves as the Chief Information Officer at Minnesota Housing Finance Agency where he provides a unique blend of financial acumen, global IT vision and partnerships, and cutting edge software development solutions. Tony has built a responsive IT organization that consistently delivers, making Minnesota Housing the premiere Housing Finance Agency in the United States.


The Human Aspect of Work - An Interview with Ayelet Baron

Bringing back the human aspect of work is a top priority for Ayelet Baron, a consultant to top companies around the world.

Ayelet Baron inspires leaders to implement new ways of working through her keynote presentations on the future of business and building 21st century organizations. She is a global business trendspotter when it comes to the future of work. Her insightful, highly animated talks show how to combine the right culture and the right technology to create winning organizations. Drawing from her career as a Cisco executive and an Innovator in Residence at Roche/Genentech, she talks about how the rules of business are changing and how not to get left behind. She brings an extensive global perspective.


VINJONES Podcast - The Introduction

You have been to conferences and know that those hallway conversations are some of the most valuable exchanges you will take away with you. 

Consider this your weekly hallway exchange on new ways of working, managing, employee engagement, and finding your WHY.