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Keynote – Your Employee Feedback – LIVE!

Get Ready For an Experience Unlike Any Other





I work with your company or a company of your advisory committee or audience to set up 4 weeks of daily questions to go to the employees.


Each work day they take less than 10 seconds to answer.  They also get to see the previous day’s responses.


With the data I create a customized and engaging keynote – tailored to your needs and the needs of your audience.

Oh, and you get the detailed analytics as a “Thank You!”

This engaging keynote will use real, live (anonymous) employee feedback from your audience’s companies.  

We will use viaPing to collect anonymous feedback from volunteer participant organizations.  Not only do these organizations get the full data (as a free benefit for helping), but we will use the aggregated data as the content of the keynote. 

With this info, I will review what they have to say about their organizations.  This is not only timely but incredibly relevant as most other organizations will be struggling with the same issues they see on stage.

We will discuss how to strengthen their workforce and culture using a blend of stories, videos, and audience interaction. Then the audience will participate and customize this keynote on the fly.

This interactive experience is unique to each audience because the feedback we receive each time is unique.

They will participate, laugh, and learn valuable lessons they can take back to their workplaces and put into practice right away.

Contact me today to learn more about how this can be a hit at your event.

Go here for specific material for Event Planners.