Dramatically increase your
productivity and bottom line
by designing a thriving culture.


Dramatically increase your
productivity and bottom line
by designing a thriving culture.

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Transform employees into Change Agents.

Change apathy into passion.

Design a truly engaged workforce.


Take control and design a
thriving culture.


Take your event to higher level with an entertaining, powerful, and engaging keynote.


Hands-on, experiential programs give participants the tools to design a thriving culture and career.


Powerfully drive home critical
concepts & learning.

  • The Perfect Choice

    “Kevin hits it out of the ball park for us. He was positively the perfect choice for a keynote speaker with his energy, humor, and lessons he brings in the keynote.”

    – Brad Emick, Regional Director, Executive Functions Management 

  • Among the Best

    “We see 90+ keynotes in our events every year and Kevin ranks up there with the best. Kevin brings great energy to stage and has everyone engaged, listening, laughing and learning.  He has spoken at a number of events for us and we are excited to have him speak at even more events in the near future.”

    – Gary Peyton, Partner & Co-founder of Executive Functions Management 

  • The Audience was Attentive and Engaged

    Kevin did an amazing job at our recent career symposium with his “Love Your Work” presentation.  The energy he brings with him keeps the audience attentive and engaged throughout the two hour session.  Kevin’s passion for his work and the desire he has to help people love their work resonates throughout his presentation.  We had a ton of positive feedback on his presentation and people really seemed to take something away from it to help them move forward in what they currently do.  I highly recommend him and look forward to having him back again next year! 

    – Christopher Shar, Event Planner & Maintenance Group Leader, DOW Chemical

  • Our Audiences Love Him

    “When working with executives across the country you quickly learn that they demand more than theory. Kevin goes beyond theory into real world examples and experiences. As an event planner, Kevin has made our process very easy.  We can consistently rely on him to do an outstanding job.  Our audiences love him we love working with him.”

    – Caleb Reimers, Regional Director, Executive Functions Management

  • New Possibilities

    “Personally, I felt like I was challenged to open my mind, to consider new possibilities, to try something new and not worry about potential failures… The content … was not just Kevin’s. The content came from everyone who attended… It was about people sharing ideas, challenging current thinking and discussing new possibilities.”

    – Dick Handshaw, President ISPI, Charlotte Chapter

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