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“Our audiences love him.”

“Everyone (is) engaged, listening, laughing and learning.”

“Positively the perfect choice.”

“Powerful, inspirational and passionate insight!”


“(Kevin) was an absolute pleasure to work with. As a meeting planner, it is rare to work with someone so proactive in making my job easier.”

Rather than just a speaker, I will relieve you of some of your stress by being your event partner.

We will extend your marketing reach by including those who follow my work.  Your already busy plate will be lightened with one all-inclusive fee and proactive communication, leaving you confident that the logistics will work out. And your audience will brand you the hero for bringing in an inspiring and engaging speaker.  This will be a conference they will talk and tweet about and remember for years.

What you get

  • – First and foremost, a partner in helping you make your event a huge success.
  • – An energetic, engaging, entertaining and thought provoking keynote.
    (“Your keynote delivery was amazing.– Event Planner)
  • – The easiest speaker you will deal with.
    (“Kevin- it was truly our pleasure to work with you! I’ve told everyone that you are one of the genuinely nicest people to work with!” – Event Planner)
  • – A custom pre-event “marketing” video posted to YouTube, further extending your marketing reach with an introduction of the topic targeted toward your audience members that you can use in your marketing.
  • – Choose your own adventure – If it adds value, you get to customize the keynote to your particular audience and choose the parts of the content that will maximize the value they will receive.
  • – One all inclusive fee (including travel and expenses) to make the logistics nice & easy.

Keynote Topics

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