Kevin-16My clients come to me with many different issues.  But they all boil down to one overriding concern: We need to change our culture for us to be successful.

Whether it is technology adoption, a change of corporate philosophy, optimizing the way you work, getting everyone onboard and rowing in the same direction, or increasing trust – it’s all about creating a more healthy culture.

As an advisor, international speaker, and videographer, my expertise lies in cultural strategy, Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs), initiative adoption, and bringing the best out of employees.  My focus is on the human side of business and technology. My clients include NASA, Lowes, JCPenny, Dell, Dow, and many other well-known companies.  I have authored two e-books and have produced many informative and entertaining videos.

The experiences I have had with companies I have worked with – including  NASA, Lowes, JCPenny, Dell, Dow, and many other well-known companies – will help you create a healthy culture.

These videos help my audiences understand and embrace new ways of thinking.  Not only do I use them, but many speakers, trainers, and change agents use them in front of audiences all over the world to explain new concepts and to motivate change.

I am also the CEO/Cofounder of viaPing.  It allows you to get employee feedback and then measures company culture and employee engagement, two things I am passionate about.  Until now, no one has effectively and continually measured a company’s’ culture.  We are changing that.


On the other (more important) side…

I have eight kids, one wife and no time to sleep!  One of our focuses is to not only help our children learn, but to become.  We play Ultimate (frisbee), disk golf, and go camping and hiking in the beautiful outdoors of the Northwest United States and work on our eight acres of land. Our whole family loves to create videos and take trips to the beach.  My wife home schools the bunch, focusing on a classical education, and I lend a helping hand when I can.  I couldn’t be more proud of my little family.  They are the light of my life.


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