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Workshops are always engaging.  It’s called a WORKshop for a reason.  Each person will not only learn, but will also be an active participant in creating their outcome.  They will be challenged, broken out of the daily grind and refined until they have specific actions they can take when they return.

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Much like my keynotes, there are other workshops I give which are similar to, or derivatives of these topics.  Please contact me to discuss your needs.

The Art of the Question

Breakout Session: 1 -1.5 hrs 
Workshop: 2 hrs – full day

The right questions can completely change the course of a life or an organization. When we contemplate the answers – and discuss them – previously hidden insights will illuminate our minds and fantastically transform who we are, what we do, and why we do it. 

In this workshop, your organization will go through a series of questions which have been customized for you. These questions will alter the way you look at the world, your business and will bring the insights necessary to take you to the next level.

In the end, you will walk away with new ideas, paradigms, and steps to transform your business.


Act or be Acted Upon

Breakout Session: 1 -1.5 hrs 
Workshop: 2 hrs – full day

All employees act – but are they acting because market or business conditions force them to act in that way, or are they driving the market and business conditions BY their actions? The difference is life-changing.

In this workshop

– The difference between acting and being acted upon
– The difference between accountability and responsibility, how to know the difference and how it will transform the way you lead
– Agents vs. Objects; how to transform object employees into agent employees
– The dangerous effects of subsuming another’s accountability (taking it away)
– The value of rebels
– Actionable steps to head participants in the right direction.

When delivered to a company, we will create a customized version of this workshop to overcome difficulties you are dealing with today and come up with real solutions you can apply right away.

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“Personally, I felt like I was challenged to open my mind, to consider new possibilities, to try something new and not worry about potential failures… The content … was not just Kevin’s. The content came from everyone who attended… It was about people sharing ideas, challenging current thinking and discussing new possibilities.”

– Dick Handshaw, President ISPI, Charlotte Chapter

Adoption Index

Time: 1/2 day

I created the Adoption Index based on the work of Everett Rogers, author of Diffusion of Innovations, (the definitive book on adoption of any technology). It evaluates the adoption of any initiative – cultural, technological, managerial…  

It is especially effective after implementation to assess the level of adoption and pinpoint how adoption can be increased.  This allows an org to focus on the parts of adoption that are lacking rather than spending valuable resources trying to guess at how to increase adoption.

Your Employee Feedback - Live!

Time: 1/2 day to full day

Before the workshop we will work together to understand your hot-button issues – your struggles and difficulties within your organization.  We will then take the “pulse” of your employees.  This pulse will take very little of their time, but the results we get back will reveal insightful ideas that have previously been hidden.

During the workshop we will review the results and talk about possible implications and solutions.