Customized Videos

Video Membership

I love what can be communicated in video – thoughts, feelings, ideas.  Your organization can become a Member of vinJones Videos and you will have access to all the videos in the library to use in meetings, trainings, presentations, on your intranet and as advertising or education pieces for your employees.


Custom Video Production

I have created custom videos for NASA, AT&T, Pinot Ricard, and others.  I will tackle your specific, difficult-to-communicate message and deliver it simply and succinctly and in a way that your audience will “just get.” My hope is that each one of these hits a hidden nerve and clarifies what we already know and feel.  Share them in meetings, trainings, or your Intranet to bring a bit of reality and discussion to the workplace.

Contact me and let’s talk to see if a custom video is right for you.