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Case Study: Adoption of New Software and Processes



A large multi-national company was rolling out a new communications software and, with it, new processes and policies.  Because of the large change they needed to make sure everyone was trained on the tool and accepted and adopted the new tool, processes, and policies.

Yet not everyone was on board.  There were some executives who still were not buying into the idea but were forced to go along.  To be successful they needed not only know how to use the tool, but actively use it.

The product team’s goal was to create awareness, training, and adoption, especially with the executives who were resistant.




They hired me to help them with these goals.  For awareness they asked me to create four engaging videos that would help them understand what the change was and why they were doing it.

-Video#1 talked about innovation and how important it was to continue to innovate.
-Video #2 was to show a day in the life of someone who used this communication method and show how much better it was.
-Video #3 discussed how much better meetings will be run with this tool.
– Video #4 showed how communication was about to be upgraded and the benefits.

I wrote the scripts, recorded, edited and produced the four videos.

During a special executive meeting I held a discussion around the changes.  We talked about their concerns, how it would work and gave them demo examples.

To train the employees on the new tool and processes, the company decided to hold a large train-the-trainer session which I created and led.



In the end, the executives warmed up to the idea and were excited about the possibilities it could provide for their teams.  They committed to use the tool and help others do the same.

The videos were shown on the Intranet in various places to raise awareness and inform the employees.  

The large team of trainers were able to go back to their employees and train their teams.

In the end the launch was successful.