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Change Agent Guidebook

The Change Agent Guidebook is a 40-page compilation of tools for those wanting to create real change in a team or full organization.

I created this to guide organizations on the formation and execution of creating real, lasting change within their organization.

With the help of these powerful tools, I walk organizations through a full-day workshop of change making.  During this time you will learn how to:

  • Create a team of status-quo-smashing change agents.
  • Develop an MPA Map which will guide your change agents toward the most important organizational values and goals.
  • Separate the changes which are transformation from the ones that won’t have much of an effect.
  • Work with teams in your organization to identify needed change and create plans to make the change stick.
  • Identify holes in your adoption strategy and make the weaknesses strengths.

Are you ready to create real change in your organization?  And then learn how to do it again and again?

Contact me to review the Change Agent Guidebook and let’s talk about your needs.