5 Liberating Signs You Love Your Job

This video has been a long time in planning.  Ever since Walk Off The Earth remade the song Little Boxes, I have been obsessed with the correlation between the song and what I observe all too often.

I see people who love their work and others who don’t.

And there is a stark contrast. To those who don’t, I want to say, “Yes!  You, too, can love your work!”

There is this obsession I have to help others love their work and to help companies create organizations where everyone is there because they want it.

It is liberating.  It certainly beats the alternative!  Anyone can have this experience in their work.  I hope you are one of them.

Here are five liberating signs you love your job.

1) You leave work more excited then when you arrived.

Sure, everyone has bad days.  But when bad days becomes the norm instead of the exception, something is wrong.  Rather, it is possible to come home more excited and energetic then when you arrived – regularly!

2) The alarm goes off and you jump out of bed.

You should be jumping out of your bed saying, “Yes!  I can’t wait to work on…”  Is this just a fantasy?  Not at all!  Those who love their work regularly are waking up early with ideas that won’t leave them alone until they act on them.  And they can’t wait to work on the ideas.

3) You chose your work because you wanted it, not because it was the best you could find.

There have been times when I took a job because it was the best option I could find.  But it is best if you are working because you want to be there, because you choose to be there.

4) Your paycheck is a side benefit.

Your paycheck should be a bonus.  Yes, it needs to support you and your family.  But while you work you shouldn’t be thinking, “I can’t wait to get paid,” because the biggest form of payment you get is the satisfaction from doing the work.

5) You know why you are working.

You have a purpose, a deep desire that you are fulfilling in your work.  What is your WHY?  You know it and are actively working toward it.  And love every minute of it.  Yes, even those times it is rough and nothing seems right, you still love it because your purpose is stronger than the lows you will experience.

Anyone can break free from little boxes.  Anyone.

And guess what?

It’s Your Turn!

I want to know…

How are you breaking free from little boxes?