Social Media for Education – for Marketing Only

If I could drive home any fundamental point to an organization it is: The way we use social technologies inside of an organization and outside are very different.  Why?  Because the goals/purposes are completely different.  Not that they aren’t related and can’t work together (because they can), but the way in which they operate are different.

Case in point, Education.  Right after I added my last post on education, another post entitled  The 20 colleges making the best use of social media came out.  My initial thought was, “Great – I hope someone is showing how higher education is using it.”

What this shows, however, is how they are using it for marketing or connecting the students, not for learning.  Outside vs. Inside.  Even though they aren’t using social media for learning, they are using it for marketing and college unity.  That is great.  This is the easy first step.  Really, colleges CAN’T avoid this because the market demands it.  The market isn’t demanding use on the inside as much because they don’t know what it might look like.  AND it has the potential to completely change everything about how higher education functions.

This is what I am looking for.  Are there any examples out there?