Introducing the VINJONES Podcast

I’m super excited to announce the VINJONES Podcast!

Over the last few weeks I have been interviewing experts in employee engagement and it has been a wonderful experience!  These are top notch, quality people that you will really enjoy.  We have been having some great conversations that I am excited to share with you.

Head over to the VINJONES Podcast page for the full lineup.

We talk about all those things you usually don’t have time to think about because you are busy doing work!

This isn’t…

“How do you motivate your employees,”

but rather…

“How do you create a workplace environment that allows your employees to become all they can be and create crazy amounts of value for themselves and the company?”

I have three inspiring podcasts ready to go for you start on right away.  And there will be a new one each week.  Three more have already been recorded with even more scheduled.

These thought provoking interviews are available on iTUNES and on YOUTUBE.  Subscribe to both and be filled with great conversation each week.OK