Social Business Failure #8: Workflow Integration

The NUMBER ONE way to best implement any internal social business initiative is to integrate it into the workflow.  I have been preaching this for years and cannot stress it enough.

This will be a short post because I want you to go read Laurie Buczek’s post, The Big Failure of Enterprise 2.0 Social Business.  Not only is it spot on, but her example is perfect.  I spoke with her about a month ago about her experiences and her frustrations and I recognized them all too well in what I have worked on.  But I really couldn’t share our phone conversation.  Thankfully, she did a fabulous job of it in this post.

I agree with Sameer Patel‘s comment on her post that the money phrase was, “Lack of cultural change is not social business’s biggest failure.  The biggest failure is the lack of workflow integration to drive culture change.”

Then, Dion Hinchcliffe added to it.  Well done yet again!

Go read these two.  Stop reading this.  Go!