The Social Technology Video People Just Get

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The Story Behind The Video

Last holiday season, I received an email from a secretary who was planning a work party.  “Please RSVP and tell me what you are bringing.”  I did and she responded with, “Thanks!” Over the course of the next few weeks, she would send an updated spreadsheet out to everyone showing them what others were brining so that they didn’t bring too much of one type of food.  It dawned on me – she was sending out and receiving hundreds of emails!  What a pain!

I talked with her and asked, “Why aren’t you using the collaborative tool?  It would be much easier.”  She had not thought of it, but said she would next time.

In my next training I related this experience and then showed a live example of what could have been done.  The intent, of course, was to help them understand how these technologies could help them in their everyday work by showing them a scenario they were all familiar with. Their reaction took me by surprise.  Not only did they get it, but there was a real emotional attachment to what they just learned.  When they saw this, they not only understood how it could help them, but they instantly were able to make a connection between the example and multiple ways they could use the same principles to make their work better, more efficient (every trainer’s dream!).

My thoughts turned to helping others “get it” as well, as easily and as quickly as this class did.  So I created this video.  The first time I showed it to someone was in an hour meeting.  At the beginning she said, “I hate all this. If you can convince me, you can convince anyone.”  The intent of the meeting was not to convince her, but I still said that I would try.  But then I promptly forgot about this challenge as I dove into the agenda of the meeting.  During the working meeting, she started warming up to the idea a little bit, but still had a long way to go.

Then, at the end, I thought I would show the video for the first time – give a pre-screening to those in the meeting.  At the end of the viewing my naysayer had a grin from ear to ear.  Why?  She finally got it.  She was clapping her hands above her head, laughing and saying, “It makes sense!  Do you think I could use it in… (detailing several situations)”  We confirmed her ideas and she was ecstatic.  Her enthusiasm came because the lightbulb finally went off.

Now, when I show this video in my workshops and trainings, people just “get it.”  The group starts reeling off ideas of how they could use it.  The questions during the session increase because they are thinking about how they could use it in their work.

If it will help you, feel free to use it as well.

(Parts of the video have been blurred so names and logos are not revealed.  If you would like a customized version of this video for your organization, contact me.)